Narsing Rao Bongurala

  • Accessibility Consultant
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  • Graphic Exponent
  • Branding Specialist
  • Tech Consultant
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  • Final Diagnosis of my Problem
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  • Self motivation is the best Teacher
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  • Foray into Web Media
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  • Happy and Contended Life
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Born as the eldest child among three siblings to Shri. B. Pentaiah and Mrs. Premalatha on 7th November 1973 at Hyderabad. I was a normal child till my schooling and used to participate in all curricular and co-curricular activities. Towards end of my schooling, during 8 – 9 classes, I started experiencing some unusual pain in legs and started feeling lack of stiffness in legs. My parents took me to different doctors and hospitals for various kinds of tests and diagnostics. Due to the problem, I started walking with the support of stick and faced the pain with courage. 
After I completed my schooling, due to severe pain in legs I could not join in regular Intermediate, but I continued my studies in distant mode and completed Intermediate (CEC) in 1994.
Finally, doctors diagnosed and declared my problem which made me stick to Wheelchair. I must have physically immobilized but it did not affect me a bit mentally. I digested my problem and started leading normal life. I am on wheelchair from 1996 onwards. 
On observing my brother who was learning computers, I also explored and learned basic fundamentals of computers like operating computer, word processing, spreadsheet applications, etc. I also did a Diploma in Multimedia in 1998 and learned designing software tools like Adobe Pagemaker and Adobe Photoshop. 
Though I am physically challenged, I wanted to help my family financially and applied for an STD Booth under Physically Handicap Quota and got sanction. I managed the booth from 1996 to 2002 and supported my family. 
In the meanwhile, I also joined in B.A (History, Political Science and Public Administration), but could not completed it, because my aggravated physical condition. But, I never got disappointed and continued my pursuit of knowledge through reading books, papers, etc. 
Since I know Desk Top Publishing (DTP) software, two of my neighborhood family friends Mr. Vaddiraju Janardhan Rao (Media Person) and Mr. Shivanandam encouraged me to work for print media for designing brochures, visiting cards, posters, composing books, taking up data entry works, etc. Since both of them were from print media, they outsourced some of designing works for me. 
Later, I concentrated more on Graphics Designing and Web media and learned all advanced technologies like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Dreamweaver, Flash, JavaScript, PHP, mySQL, .NET and C language and diversified into Web Development arena and now working on WEB ACCESSIBILITY. 
As part of my designing services, I managed many confidential projects of prestigious Defense Research Organizations like MIDHANI, BDL, RCI, DLRL and DRDL for their internal publishing, branding and printing purposes.
I strongly believe that knowledge shared is knowledge gained. Hence, I helped many budding designers at free of cost. on various graphic designing tools, technologies and applications as a result today they are living their lives independently. 
I had more than a decade of experience with exposure to designing for all media. All these years I had interaction with more than 1000 clients.
Amidst of my physical disability, I continued self exploration and gained fluency on both spoken and written forms of English, Telugu and Hindi languages. I got high-speed typing expertise in these languages. I improved my communication skills and public relation skills. Now I am training lots of budding web designers on latest web tools. In my journey, I got great support and encouragement from many friends and well wishers.
Despite of my physical disability, today I am leading happy and contended life along with my family, friends, associates, partners and clients. 
I have been providing my designing and branding services to many prominent corporate organizations like Jaagruthi Group, ODC Consultants, Panacea Consulting, Destination Healthcare, Transforming Images, IndWell Group, Vikas Group of Institutions, HDCF, etc. 
I got a Lifetime Achievement Award by SACHIDANANDA KALAPEETAM, Hyderabad in 2010-2011.  I received an appreciation Award from Hyderabad Director & CEO Forum in 2013.  I got an excellence award from Learn2Live Foundation in 2014. 
Famous Scientist Stephen Hawking once said “It is a waste of time to be angry about my disability. One has to get on with life and I haven’t done badly. People won’t have time for you if you are always angry or complaining.” I fully believe in his words and I took him as role model and I never complain about my status.
Despite of my disability, I determined to help the poor and downtrodden people in the society. I want to motivate those people who consider disability is the end in life. 

“I have not been handicapped by my condition. I am physically challenged and differently able.”
– Janet Barnes