righttoaccesibilityThough the constitution has given equal rights for all citizens of India, people with disabilities often face difficulties in availing services and accessing facilities.

Because of their physical disability, in most cases they may require disability friendly amenities and facilities. But in reality 99% of places like Residential, Business, Entertainment, Learning, Transportation, etc. are lacking Accessibility orientation. Such environment restrict people with disabilities from accessing and availing. For example, a Wheelchaired person may like to watch a movie in a nearby theatre, but the theatre is not Wheelchair friendly. A physically challenged person may want to join in an educational institution to persue a course of his choice, but the institute is not having the lift facility.

Such problems are innumerous and they restrict the aspirations of people with disabilities. Then what is the fun of having equal rights, as prescribed in the constitution?

Hence, WOW Foundation is determined to sensitize and get accessibility awareness in all section citizens of India who are either fully or partially affected with any form of disability.